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PRI Circuits

PRI Circuits are Retiring

For organizations with more than 5 people, PRI circuits provide major performance advantages compared to an individual voice or data line.

A PRI is a single line (typically a T1 connection in North America) with 23 voice channels (and a single data/control channel), that allows your organizations  to hold 23 calls simultaneously. PRI Circuits also offer the capacity for voice, data, video conferencing, and fax services.

While PRI’s were once a very prominent technology, they are no longer relevant. But there are many modernized technologies that OneVoice Goverment Solutions can offer for organization.

Altneratives to PRI Circuits

Dynamic IP

Although not as commonly used, since data requirements are much higher now, some providers are able to take an existing PRI circuit over a T1 and transmit data with it as well

SIP Trunking

A  method of voice transmission that uses your existing data connection, and SIP capable PBX, to send and receive phone

Hosted VoIP

This is very similar to SIP Trunking, except phone calls are made over an internet connection.

Why are PRI’s retiring?

PRI’s are becoming less compatible with current technology. Not only are they becoming less and less compatible, they are also becoming more expensive to maintain. When PRI’s were first introduced, they were very popular but with advancements, they are becoming less common. Multiple carriers of all sizes, are withdrawing their PRI technology as an option for voice services. Although PRI’s were once very prevalent, there are many alternatives that OneVoice Communications can provide your organization with.