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OneVoice Government Solutions offers a number of different products & solutions that enhance companies performance while also being cost-effective.

Below is a list of our services. 

Dedicated Internet

Dedicated Internet Access is a business class connection that provides highest quality bandwidth, reliability, and performance. Companies who require this consistent bandwidth reliability should choose dedicated internet over best-effort internet.

Dedicated Internet gives organizations stable, fast internet connectivity through the use of robust fiber technology.

Not only are DIA connections able to handle the demands of modern voice, video and data applications, they’re also more reliable, cost-effective and scalable  — meaning they’ll keep up with your business as it continues to grow.

Sip Trunking

A SIP Trunk provides the same service you get from a traditional analog phone line. The difference is, instead of being a physical wire, a SIP Trunk is a “virtual” phone line.

Ethernet Virtual Private Line

EVPL (Ethernet Virtual Private Line) service is the standard for building global point-to-point and point-to-multi-point Ethernet transport networks. Our EVPL solution is an excellent alternative to legacy point-to-point services and is engineered to be as secure and reliable as a private line.

 EVPL benefits include:

Privacy: All data travels within the secure domain of a Layer 2 dedicated, high-capacity, point-to-point connection at native Ethernet speeds.

Traffic Separation: Maintain discrete pathways when you consolidate previously separate domains for specific applications or departments onto a single network.

Cost Savings: A single handoff reduces network equipment and management costs.

Hosted VoIP

VoIP, also known as Voice over Internet Protocol, is a popular phone service solution for both small and large businesses.

Instead of using traditional phone lines, VoIP transmits calls over the internet. VoIP calls don’t use complex and outdated wire networks, they use cutting-edge cloud computing technologies.

PRI Circuits

If your organization handles a high volume of calls, the proven phone solution is Primary Rate Interface trunk service.

PRI gives your business a competitive edge by providing a direct connec­tion from your PBX to a nationwide network. Not only is PRI a reliable solution, it’s also affordable and scalable. PRI services allow you to increase phone users without multiplying costs or compromising network reliability, security and continuity.

Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS)

Our MPLS (Multi-Protocol Label Switching) service options deliver worldwide any-to-any connectivity over a variety of connection types with the privacy and security you need. This highly functional service gives you the ability to converge and prioritize traffic, so critical applications like voice and video are not compromised by less time-sensitive applications such as email.

Private Line

Point-to-point service transmits data securely and quickly over a private line connection that belongs to you and you alone. This service is perfect for companies that require high data transmission speeds between central locations.